Julia Fox slams critique on TikTok for saying she “needs botox”

Uncut Gems entertainer Julia Fox hit back via social media after a TikToker condemned her “bad Botox job” despite not having undergone any cosmetic surgery. The multi-pin TikTok video has become an internet sensation after Fox herself answered one of her critics that they needed to “break the cycle of insulting women.” Fox initially filed to discuss child support. She starts the video by asking, you know what drives me crazy. Her harmless video is a rant about how child support should pay for your wasted time.

The video was stitched by another woman who started the video with a similar note asking, do you know what angered me? Your bad Botox. You really can’t miss it. Then she pointed to Julia Fox’s face around her forehead, saying her muscles were still pulling and drawing lines on her eyebrows. Then she said the entertainer needed more Botox. Julia Fox stitched the video again and lashed out at the man with a two-point shot back. She overlaid the text previously announcing that her face was Botox-free. She then went on to say that this person was particularly negative-centric and therefore attacked women.

Julia Fox denies having ‘bad Botox’ after TikTok video criticizes her appearance

Julia Fox posted a TikTok video that criticized her appearance and suggested she had poor Botox. Julia Fox, 32, responded to the allegation by sharing a video on her TikTok Stories on Saturday. This week, Fox shared a TikTok video on Thursday in which she discussed child support. It didn’t take long for a TikTok account to stitch together a video of Julia Fox that seemed to directly talk to Fox about her forehead. Do you want to know what annoys me? The lady in the video says your botox is not good. You really can’t miss it. Your forehead muscles are still pulling, so these lines are just on the sides of your brows. The woman added that Julia Fox needed more Botox. Julia Fox answered by sharing a video and brief message of her responding to the claim.I don’t have botox but you obviously have a volatile trauma and refusing to admit it makes you stress the negativity in every situation [and] b) attacking women like you who are not suffering. Julia Fox adds that you need more therapy. Break the cycle baby!

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Julia denies she has any cosmetic procedures

Uncut Gems is the movie that brought Julia Fox to the fore. Julia Fox was born in Milan and moved to New York at the age of six, where she rose to fame after Adam Sandler’s film, but mostly for her obvious good looks. Many speculated that Kanye West had undergone BBL surgery after fans saw her post with Madonna. Julia Fox recently opened up about her personal life, even admitting to an overdose incident and her skin condition (rosacea) in her teens. The main thing the entertainer claims to have done is false eyelashes. She told a publication that she couldn’t live without getting her top lashes done, along with other well-known skincare and makeup products. Comparing photos of her in her twenties to her current photos, fans assert that her beauty is natural.

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