Twitter reacts as Dave Chappelle set to return as SNL host


Dave Chappelle is back on SNL again as a host, which has all Twitter users reacting the same way. Well, we’ve made SNL one of our audience’s favorite shows for years. Also, we often see a lot of stars appearing on the show. This time it’s the old SNL host who’s back, and that’s got everyone reacting to it, and that’s Dave Chappelle. So, when will we see Dave Chappelle hosting SNL?

Read ahead to learn more about SNL with Dave Chappelle returning as SNL host.

Dave Chappelle and the SNL show

We have been running SNL for years. Over the years, we have had many celebrities appear on the show. Among them, we also have many celebrities hosting SNL. Well, we had Dave Chappelle as the host of SNL twice before.

Like in 2016 when Dave Chappelle came to host SNL. That was when Donald Trump was president. Meanwhile, after that, when Joe Biden won the election, Dave Chappelle returned to SNL. But is Dave expected to return to SNL?

Dave Chappelle will return to SNL as host

Recently, news broke out on SNL about Dave Chappell’s return. Because this will be Dave’s third time hosting the show SNL. It will all be on screen on November 12, 2022.

This caused a backlash from everyone on the internet. In fact, in addition to Dave Chappelle, we’ll have another guest with him on SNL. Who is the famous music guest Black Star? Comedian Amy Schumer announces Dave’s return to SNL.

Netizens React to Dave Chappell’s Return to SNL

Although fans have had Dave Chappelle on SNL before too. We asked netizens to tweet their reactions to Dave’s return as SNL host. As some netizens on Twitter expressed their delight at Dave’s return.

Although many netizens are not very excited about Dave Chappell’s return to SNL. As one of the netizens put it, Dave “wasn’t funny last time”. Some even posted memes on Twitter, indicating that netizens were not interested in Dave’s return to SNL.

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When the SNL host first appeared on NewsMixed, the Twitter post reacted as Dave Chappelle will be returning.

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