Earthquake At Delhi NCR Today, Magnitude 6.3, Earthquake In Gurgaon, Delhi, India Right Now At 1:57 AM!

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere, and we all know how dangerous and deadly they can be. There are many parts of the world facing different disasters such as floods, earthquakes, droughts, etc. Of these earthquakes, one of the most common natural disasters is felt anywhere in the world, and sometimes they can be destructive. The shaking has been felt in parts of India recently, and people want to know how destructive it has been and if there has been any loss of life. Scroll down to find out which state felt it and how much damage it caused. Earthquakes or tremors were reported to be felt in or near the NCR, Delhi, India.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Earthquake hits Delhi NCR today

The report states that the earthquake was caused by seismic activity at approximately 07:06 GMT on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. However, no information on the depth or magnitude of this earthquake has emerged yet. Some reports said the quake was not dangerous, its magnitude was measured at 3.6 quakes, and the depth of the possible rattling was 10 kilometers. While this is not an accurate report on this possible tremor, we look forward to more accurate and correct data, which we can share with our readers in the future. Amplitude, time and location are indicative based on seismic models. There is no accurate information about tremors, but many people feel them.

Earthquake in NCR today

One student said he was lying on the bed feeling his bad guy shaking violently. He even said it was moving from one place. Several people shared their experiences of tremors, but all said they were not destructive, and even the tremors were only 5 to 10 seconds or less. If there was any damage anywhere, the report would have arrived long ago. Indicates that the magnitude of the earthquake was minor and there was no major or any form of damage to property and no casualties. Social media was flooded with reactions from people who felt the tremors.

Some reports said the tremor occurred on Monday, October 17, 2022 at around 12:36 am and around 05:30 GMT. The data has been shared by the National Seismology Center. Tremors are felt in NCR Delhi, India in different places such as Ajmer, Niwai, Brazil, Tangk, Kishangar, Jaipur and Dausa. To learn more about reporting on this, please contact us and we will provide an accurate report. Stay tuned to TheGossipWorld.

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