Firefighters tackle challenging blaze on Griffith Island

Despite its remote location and high winds, the Inter Township Fire Department (ITFD) managed to douse the Griffith Island fire on Saturday.

A watchman called the fire department on Saturday night, but because of the high waves, the watchman was unable to get the boat over to pick up the firefighters. Firefighters and equipment were shipped to the island just before midnight on Saturday. The fire was contained in two outbuildings with a tractor and trailer. Losses are estimated at $300,000.

There were no casualties and the cause of the fire is not yet known.

“High winds Saturday night caused the fire to spread quickly. Our team did an amazing job putting it out in the early hours of the morning,” said ITFD Fire Chief Jeff Gautreau.

Gautreau added that it was good that the fire did not spread to the larger buildings on the private island.

Griffith Island is home to Griffith Island Club, a private sports shooting club that has been operating since 1973. It is the only facility on the island.

ITFD serves Georgia Bluffs and Meeford.

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