ABCA Owl Prowl holds two successful events in 2022

Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority’s annual owl cruise activity has achieved great success this year.

Protective educator Denise Iszczuk said that they attracted more than 130 people and raised more than $ 1,000 for local protection education projects. Iszczuk said they had two OWL Prowls this fall.

“We have two, one in Morrison Dam, this is our typical position, and the other is the first time in Rock Glen. The effect is very good. The voting rate of our two places is very similar, but the Rock Glen is held in Rock Glen. The extra activities are definitely helpful, “Iszchuk shared.

Iszczuk said that the weather in the Rock Glen event in October was very good. The weather of the Morrison Dam was very strong, but that date included a special visit.

“We have a team named Wild Ontario. They brought three local owls from Ontario. This is great. They brought a large corner owl, they brought a screaming owl, and then one was a one. The northern sawing owl, “ISZCHUK said.

ISZCZUK said that in view of the success of these two games this year, they will consider two events next year. She said the income of this year will help them continue to provide a learning experience focusing on soil, water and creatures. For more information about OWL PROWLS, visit Ausable Bayfield Conservation website.

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