B.C. rescue squad praised for rescuing trapped drivers during last year’s floods

Members of the Royal Air Force in Canada have recently won honors due to the floods and landslides in Agassiz-Harrison last year.

The 442th Transportation and Rescue Squadron (442 SQN) in Komox is the first winner of the Barmasden Commemorative Award to recognize them “to support large -scale evacuation caused by unprecedented landslides caused by unprecedented landslides near Agassi. Outstanding search and rescue tasks in work “.

Last year, in a series of atmospheric rivers, the Shuangdan Lirchius along the No. 7 highway caught hundreds of drivers in trouble. These rivers dumped hundreds of millimeters of rainwater in the Agassiz-Harrison area. In addition to the local institutions work day and day to ensure that everyone is safely evacuated, the 442 squadron also deployed a CH149 Cormorant helicopter, and after evaluating the danger of staying passengers, two CH149 helicopters and a CC115 Buffalo were summoned to assist in evacuating evacuation. Within two hours after the first ask for help, all search and rescue personnel rushed to the ground.

The helicopter landed many times in the area where the landslide fragmented by the landslides and strong winds of the helicopter. In the end, they evacuated 311 people, 26 dogs and 1 cat. According to the news released by Honorary Pilot Company, which awarded the 442th Squadron in London, the Agari region rescue operation is the largest large -scale evacuation operation in the history.

This performance is in line with the highest service tradition and brings great honor to the Royal Air Force and the entire Canadian armed forces, “wrote in the press release.” The 442 Squadron’s outstanding performance and contribution in this special dilemma, in nature During the disaster, it contributed to protecting life, and it was fully worth granting the Barmaasden Memorial Award. “

The Barmausden Commemorative Award awarded the individual, crew or organization who “made outstanding contributions to protect life during the natural disaster”.

Born in Vancouver, Kenneth Barry Marsden is the co -founder of the fire company Conair Aviation. During this period, he recorded more than 3,500 hours of air support to fight against wild fire and special spray operations, including Control cloud buds. In addition to the innovation and the C-130 fleet under the leadership of Conair and Cascade Aerospace, Masden also vigorously advocated the next generation of the education aviation industry.

Masden died on July 27, 2021. He was selected as a member of the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame on May 30, 2009 in Wittasken, Alber.

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