Bigg Boss 16, 9th November 2022, Is ARCHANA GAUTAM Got Evicted? Today’s Full Episode Written Updates!

If you’re actively watching Big Boss 16 and actively connecting with every contestant, this shocking news really means a lot to you. We all know that the rules and regulations of BB shows are quite strict and no form of physical violence is tolerated on the show, whether intentional or not. In previous seasons, a lot of players who dared to hit other players were immediately ejected, and this season, when Sarin unintentionally hit Akana during the captain mission, they immediately nominated him for 2 weeks and didn’t allow him as captain. Show the entire season.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Big BossNovember 9th 16th, 2022

Big BossNovember 9th 16th, 2022

Now that these reports are coming from social media, this is sure to shock you. One contestant was reportedly ejected directly from the show after bumping into another contestant during the mission. Social media has been sharing the news that everyone’s favourite contestant Archana Gautam has been kicked out of the BB house after hitting Shiv Thakre on a mission. We all know that Archana is one of the most entertaining BBmates of the season, loved by the audience.

Bigg Boss 16, November 9, 2022 Highlights

She’s apparently a TRP participant for the controversial reality show. Since the news surfaced online, admirers have been disappointed by the eviction and have called for her to be brought back to BB’s home. Social media users were shocked by the unpopular decisions and have been sharing their mixed views on the viral news. The news is all over the media right now and people are talking about it. Khabri, a popular Twitter handle known for news about the BB house, wrote about the event along with the hashtag.

Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode Written Update Today

“#BiggBoss16 #ArcanaGautam deported due to unwell, #Shiv calls for #BiggBoss & #SoundaryaSharma to be deported. She was deported around 03:00am,” the tweet read. Now netizens are sharing their thoughts, People are saddened by the news. One user wrote: “It’s heartbreaking that she contributed so much to the show. People keep poking at her and she brings real entertainment to us and the show.”

Many social media users are supporting her and sharing their thoughts and asking BB to bring her back on the show. Well, we’re not sure if this news is true, knowing we’ll need to wait for today’s episode. However, the mission is about Abdu’s captain, as BBmates will provide him with numbers and rate his work. Afterwards, BB informs them of another mission and they need to decide if they want him to be the winner again.

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