Bluewater Health reporting surge in respiratory illnesses

Bluewater Health has seen a surge in patients seeking treatment for respiratory conditions across all age groups at its Sarnia facility.

While children’s hospitals across Canada are struggling to accommodate more RSV patients [RSV]Dr. Chris Borek, medical director of the emergency department, said they were going through a series of viral infections.

“The vast majority of patients who come to Bluewater Health, especially those in the emergency department, we don’t test them for RSV,” Borek said. “We’ve seen a significant increase in the total number of respiratory illnesses, with RSV being one of the culprits.”

Dr Borek said the number of cases had been rising across the hospital in the first 10 months of the year.

“So compared to last year, so far we have seen about a 50% increase in September and October, and we expect the same in November. Compared to last year, the total number of respiratory cases for the year so far is close to last year’s total. the total number of years.”

In emergency departments, cases of respiratory illness have increased by about 10% to 15% over the past few months, and Dr. Borek said additional staff had been assigned to help manage the increase.

“We’ve been doing this since then [the start of] epidemic. We’ve seen an increase in volume, which is stressing not just our department, but the entire healthcare system. At least for now we have been able to manage locally. However, we are starting to see significant pressure on ICU capacity for pediatric patients in Ontario. “

To help children’s hospitals cope, local hospitals have been directed to use adult ICU beds for anyone over the age of 14 who needs intensive care.

“We appreciate the community’s patience with these increased numbers we’ve seen and the increased waits that have sometimes resulted as a result. We ask people to be polite during their visit as we share many of the same frustrations people have with delayed care and we are Do our best.”

Bluewater Health said local clinical assessment centers are providing respiratory evaluation and treatment for those experiencing non-emergency respiratory health issues.

Patients can make appointments online to see a primary care physician at the Twin Bridges Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic and Rapids Family Health Team in Sarnia or the Plympton-Wyoming Health & Wellness Center on Broadway, Wyoming.

The clinics also have access to pediatric expertise, Bluewater Health said.

For more information or to make an appointment, Click here.

In late October, Chief of Staff Dr. Mike Haddad said Bluewater Health’s inpatient wards were “oversaturated”.

He encouraged everyone to update their vaccinations and booster shots to help reduce the chance of needing hospitalization.

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