Canada ‘has become the place that can’t get anything done,’ Pierre Poilievre tells B.C. crowd

Pierre Poilievre made his first official speech in B.C. since becoming leader of the Conservative Party of Canada at a business lunch in B.C. on Tuesday (Nov. 8), focusing on the impact of inflation on Canadians.

One in five Canadians skip meals because they can’t afford groceries, he told a sold-out crowd at the Surrey Board of Trade event.

In addition, he told the crowd that young people had to live with their parents longer because they couldn’t go out on their own.

“I think in a country that has the fifth-largest amount of land per capita in the world, we have no more land for people than there are people, but we can’t find a way to accommodate all of our people,” Poilievere said. And added that more homes need to be built across Canada.

Born and raised in Calgary, Poilievre has been an MP since 2004 and will become Conservative leader on September 10, 2022.

He told the crowd in Surrey that Canada had become a “gatekeeper economy” where the government was preventing people from reaching their goals. He said more needed to be done on building projects and removing red tape.

“It feels a lot like our country has become a place where nothing can be done.”

Anita Huberman is Chair of the Surrey Trade Council.

“We need the private sector to drive the Canadian economy and reduce red tape,” she said in a statement to the Canadian government. current leadership. “His goals around these projects resonated with Surrey Trade Council.”

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