Chilliwack woman finds 2 gold rings in thrift store jacket

With cold weather on the horizon, Jordan Anderson was recently delighted to find a TNA-branded winter jacket at a thrift store in downtown Chilliwack.

After washing it a few times and wearing it a few times, she felt that there was something hard in the dark pocket.

There are actually two difficult things. Inside the candy wrapper are two gold rings.

She posted about it on various Facebook groups, but was unsuccessful in finding the owner of the ring.Then she reached out schedule help.

Of course, the most important question is are they real gold? The reporter took them to the Common Exchange pawnshop on Victoria Avenue, a shop specializing in buying gold.

They tested the ring and weighed it, and yes, it was real gold. The estimated value of the two rings is only around $90, but Anderson still thinks the owner will want them back.

“I don’t know what to do with them,” she said. “I would be very sad if I lost them.”

Anderson doesn’t want to schedule Share photos of rings as this will make them too easy to claim.

If any readers think the ring may belong to them, please email [email protected] with “Ring” in the subject line and a description. Or call 604-702-5143 and leave a message.

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