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A false news report ensures that Elon Musk abuses a cat on the school’s social media platform Twitter, and now fake news has been exposed. On November 7, the Twitter user of [email protected] user name posted a screenshot of an article, which involved the allegations of the past bad behavior of Elon Musk, the CEO of the new Twitter. According to reports, the tweets that have been distributed on the Internet for a long time on social media have received 80,000 praises and more than 15,000 reposts. Although Elon Musk is often pushed online and activities on the Internet, although this confuses many people. A clear fake news said that the father of Twitter President Elon Musk said that he had paid $ 125,000 to cover up the allegations of animal abuse. This article also pointed out that Elon Musk is obviously very high to cocaine, and the creature has been spread shortly since then. Individuals often drag Elon on the Internet, and this crazy and frustrating efforts make thousands of people on the social media platform believe this news.

This statement was proposed on Monday. At that time, Twitter users shared screenshots of tweets containing terrible languages. This is a false news article, saying that Elon Musk’s father paid to this university $ 125,000 to ignore animal abuse requirements. The news story seems to be independent, and he said that Twitter CEO conducted indecent behaviors to cats when he was in college. It happens to be wrongly claimed that businessmen paid for cats before animal transmission-but this is false information. There are no independent articles in this title, and the whole thing is obviously composed of Troll Twitter CEO Elon Musk and the rest of the Twitter.

Elon MuskElon Musk

The news of Elon Musk fake animal abuse is revealed

The picture of the forged article is to imitate an article in the British online newspaper “Independent”. This story was obviously published by Graeme Massie on November 4, 2022. Among them, Elon Musk’s father paid $ 125,000 to the university to ignore animal abuse requirements. The report of this false statement shows that Tesla’s founder conducted indecent behaviors of a cat who belonged to a classmate, and he had high to cocaine. It further added that the cat must be operated, which was paid by Musk’s father for $ 125,000. It is said that the cat was infected soon, and soon passed.

This fake article also announced that the owner of Twitter has gradually terminated the interview, and even threatened the reporter who threatened to repeat the story with legal actions. Fast Google search will show that independent reports have published such articles. Although it is used in a peculiar language, it is also a composition of Massie’s article on Elon Musk. The shaping of Elon Musk’s article, title Elon Musk Catturd Twitter account, Elon Musk appeared on Tesla’s billionaire.

Twitter CEO bans fake accounts on Twitter

Since Elon Musk completed the acquisition of Twitter in late October, Elon has been changing the company hugely. He fired many employees on the platform last week, and he also began to change the rules and functions of Twitter. The founder of Tesla revealed that participating in pretending but not explicitly stated that his account that imitated the character would be prohibited by the platform quickly. He added that Twitter would never warn the user again before suspending the account, and basically it was basically impossible to get the access rights again. This is a few days after the 51 -year -old confirmation intends to allow customers to buy the blue scale line, which gives you a confirmation state. Users in specific countries/regions will be able to register Twitter Blue at a price of $ 7.99 per month, which means that so far, Lan Gou will no longer apply to well -known super stars, individuals and organizations.

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