How To Get Overwatch 2 Prideful Reinhardt Bundle? Latest Features, Price, Skins And More!

Now welcome back everyone, Overwatch 2 is now offering enticing deals. We’ll tell you the featured prices and what you’ll get for your money. There are many officers and packs currently available in the in-game store, and many new heroes and characters with cosmetic skins have been introduced recently, and there are plenty. Reinhardt quickly became the most wanted character in the game, looking great alongside the King of Attack.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Overwatch 2 Prideful Reinhardt Bundle Price

How do I get the Overwatch 2 Prideful Reinhardt Bundle?

You’ll be watching him with new armor and hammer skins. People paid a lot of money to have him on the team, and he was available in stores. The current sale will run for about a week between November 9th and November 16th, and some offers will be updated weekly. As of now, there is no information on the free product, the current character is available for 1000 coins. It’s a majestic white marble finish with a gold theme and highlights are painted brown.

Overwatch 2 Prideful Reinhardt Bundle Price

It looks very royal. You can catch him, he’s a white lion with a helmet and green gems, and you can buy various amounts of coins and accessories with stunning patterns on his skin. He gets the same treatment, he’s a heavy character, you can buy 500 coins for around $5 and 1000 coins for $10. But for the current discount, if you buy $20, there is a 10% bonus and you will be able to get 2200 coins. If you increase the number of coins, the bonus keeps increasing.

Overwatch 2 Prideful Reinhardt Bundle Latest Features

You buy, if you buy the $50 package then you will get 5700 coins and 14% bonus, if you buy the $100 package then you will get 11600 coins and 16% bonus. You can only unlock him through the store Unlocking him does not have any challenges and objectives, and each battle pass only provides some Overwatch coins. It takes some time to get him on board, and some heroes require a first UX before playing a certain number of matches and winning them , they cannot be unlocked.

Initiative ability is on another level, he could become an unstoppable force in the game, and we hope you’ll be able to add him to your team. Until then, we’ll be back with more updates, stay tuned to our website. The content creator also says he’s a game changer, you can be second in all kinds of things, he’s also a really good support character, he can be a turning point in a difficult game, the trailer is very compelling, he Completely knocked out the opponent in that demo.

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