Huron’s Warden has concerns with the More Homes Build Faster Act

The Huron County warden has some concerns about the province’s Build More Homes Faster Act, but he also believes the legislation does acknowledge the urgent need for housing across Ontario.

Glenn McNeil said he doubted most changes would have a greater impact on larger urban centres, but said it was too early to say whether abandoning or limiting the impact of development costs on rural cities.

“We’ll see where it falls. I think the directive is more aimed at big cities, but as more information comes out, we’ll see how that affects cities like ACW, ‘ McNeil said.

McNeil said he also wasn’t sure to what extent the new legislation would override municipal zoning rules.

“It’s a consideration and an issue if that happens in fact, but I think it’s now judged whether this will affect all cities equally, or whether larger cities will suffer more than smaller cities,” McNeill said. It’s too early for an impact.” .

McNeill noted that there is no doubt the need for more housing, but he also wants to be able to do it with minimal negative impact on smaller cities.

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