Inquest calls for better firearms sales training in wake of 2016 Vancouver shooting

On November 10, 2016, Daniel Rintoul Bear sprayed multiple employees of Canadian Tire in Vancouver while trying to access their gun case. (Screenshots/video clips courtesy of BC Coroners Court)

Inquest calls for better gun sales training after 2016 Vancouver shooting

Man stabbed 9 times by police officer shot, jury makes seven recommendations

Recommendations from a B.C. jury review of a 2016 police shooting include better training for staff selling firearms and better processes for booking mental health appointments.

The coroner investigated the November 2016 death of Daniel Rintoul, who assaulted and stabbed a staff member, tried to steal a gun from a gun case and took hostages at Canadian Tire in East Vancouver.

The 38-year-old, nearly 6-foot, 350-pound man was shot nine times after repeatedly stabbing an officer who tried to arrest him.

A jury recommendation called for a review of how appointments at mental health clinics are scheduled, saying they should be scheduled before patients are discharged.

The jury said retail workers selling firearms should be trained in emergency preparedness and weapons cases should be unbreakable.

The jury heard emotional testimony from two officers at the scene, including one who was stabbed, and recommended that Vancouver police review mental health support for its members.

Interrogation of police shooting

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