Langford vet clinic reopens ER for urgent care

A Langford veterinary clinic was forced to close its emergency room in September, announcing that it is admitting urgent care patients again.

In a Facebook post, West Coast Animal Veterinary Emergency Specialist Hospital (WAVES) announced that it has reopened the first phase of its emergency room, accepting urgent care patients every Sunday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm, though opening hours are subject to change , clients ask to call 778-432-4322 before entering the clinic.

Conditions considered urgent care include minor bites, pain or limp, weakness or changes in alertness, loss of appetite, coughing or sneezing, and eating toys or raw hides.

WAVES was forced to close its emergency room on Sept. 1 to protect the mental health of clinic staff, who have faced a higher risk of burnout for years and are only getting worse because of the pandemic.

The clinic, one of the few veterinary emergency rooms in the South Island, is working to rebuild its emergency room team during the closure, while continuing to provide specialist services. The clinic said at the time that it planned to reopen emergency rooms within three to six months.

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