NIKITA DRAGUN Hotel Pool Miami Video Went Viral, Why Was Famous Actress Arrested? Reason, Charges & Allegations!

Hello everyone, we have faced a lot of controversy and scandals online. We heard some rumours and searched for them. But the world is getting crazy and weird day by day. You must know the famous model Nikita Dragun, who recently posted a video on her own YouTube channel that reads “Nikita Dragun is dead”. It caused a lot of buzz and people were really talking about it online. So is she dead? ? Well, you can find the whole question here.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Nikita Dragun Videos

ikita Dragun hotel pool video

No, Nikita Dragun is not dead. She used her own deathly clickbait trick to attract views and possibly get some sales. She used the rumor of her own death to accumulate a lot of attention and enhance the brand value. “RIP Nikita Dragun” is a 33-minute video posted on Nikita’s official YouTube channel on October 8th. However, the video makes it clear that her quest for fame over the years, and all the constraints she has to succeed, contradicts the advice in the video’s description.

Nikita Dragun Hotel Pool Miami Full Video

Nikita has drawn a lot of outrage and outrage from fans for her latest video, and a few weeks ago she was excluded from Twitter for using a certain profile picture. Her account was banned for facing jurisdictions that disrupted the platform with graphic violence or adult content in profile pictures. The YouTuber’s account was banned after she turned her profile photo into an androgynous image that resembled an ancient painting. The ban was lifted after she switched her display image to a cropped image, showing only the top half of her body. Now she faces a lot of backlash and comments from fans criticizing her actions and hurting their feelings.

Why was Nikita Dragun arrested?reason

Nikita Nguyen (born January 31, 1996), known professionally as Nikita Dragun, is an American YouTuber, makeup artist and model. Nikita Dragun was born in Belgium and attended high school in Virginia. She is of Vietnamese and Mexican descent and came out as a teenager. In several of Dragun’s YouTube videos, she talks openly about her transformation. Later, Dragun decided to move to Los Angeles and was accepted into the Fashion Design and Marketing Institute, where he earned a degree in business. She said: “I was Hannah Montana at the time. I would be in class and we would talk about influencer and brand deals.

Nikita Dragun all allegations and allegations a

On July 21, 2020, Dragun hosted a surprise birthday party for YouTuber Larri Merritt at the Hype House mansion during the COVID-19 pandemic. The party included internet celebrities such as James Charles, Charlie D’Amelio, and Dixie D’Amelio. At the time of the gathering, California’s COVID-19 cases had just surpassed New York’s. An estimated 67 people attended, many of whom were not wearing masks despite local health advice. Photos and videos of the event appeared on social media sites such as Instagram. For more latest updates and information, follow TheGossipsWorld.

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