Pakistani Actress Rida Isfahani Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Who Is She?

Today, we get most of the news related to viral videos that are not rumors at the moment, they are actually true. Whenever news related to a leaked video appears on social media, our first thought is that it must have something to do with NSFW and nudity. It’s really disturbing to hear this kind of news because it ruins a person’s reputation and there are so many shameless people on social media who shamelessly share this video and photos with others.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Leda Isfahani virus video

Leda Isfahani virus video

Despite knowing that sharing these things about one’s body or private life is not right. Earlier we shared a leaked video of a Pakistani politician and now another Pakistani is in the news after her leaked video went viral on social media. The video was about a Pakistani actress who has now gained a lot of attention on the topic, and she finally broke her silence on the topic and reacted to the scandal of her leaked photos and videos.

Who is Lida Isfahani?

Rida Isfahani is considered to be one of the greatest and most beautiful faces of the Pakistani film industry. Known for her extraordinary hard work and acting skills, she is well-known both in the audience and on social media. But this time, she’s not in the news because of her projects or announcements related to upcoming projects, but because of her personal photos and videos. The Dehleez actress couldn’t avoid any controversy and found herself again in the conversation.

Lida Isfahani full video link

This new and latest scandal has destroyed her emotions and her career. The actress, who recently appeared on YouTuber Nadir Ali’s podcast, spoke about the controversy and claimed that her mother suffered from black magic from close relatives. Initially, the actress was embroiled in a controversy, with photos of her compromise posted online and going viral.

These photos were posted in November 2016. Isfahani and other loyal admirers of Pakistani film industry celebrities were shocked and saddened by the news of her viral photo, even though she was talking about it 5-6 years later when she didn’t say it. In a recent conversation, Isfahani claimed that the perpetrator was her own director of photography and her then-fiance.

She said YouTubers know how to respect women. He then asked her about her horrific and painful experience, and she said, “This is the first time I’ve discussed this in 7 years. My then-fiance leaked my photos and videos 3 years after they were engaged.”

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