Perth County and InvestStratford launch new workplace survey

Perth County and InvestStratford are jointly launching a new workplace attraction and retention toolkit for employers.

The process includes a survey that businesses can take to help better understand the toolkit, which can be completed online. The project was initiated by Meredith Forget of Perth County and Joani Gerber of InvestStratford, in partnership with HRP4B. The goal is to help businesses tackle their biggest challenges, including recruiting and retaining top talent. The toolkit is designed to provide best practices and tools for recruiting, employee retention, employee engagement, flexible work design, employee housing programs, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Any business that completes the survey and participates in the program will be included in the online Workplace Attraction and Retention Employers Toolkit, highlighting their best practices, having full access to all of its content, and being the first to be notified of the launch of the toolkit .

You can find the survey here:

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