PODCAST.: B.C. chef Jade Berg gets creative on Disney’s ‘Chefs vs. Wild’

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‘Chef vs. Wild’ is a new show on Hulu that will premiere on Disney+ in Canada.

The premise is that a senior chef is paired with a survivor somewhere in the West Coast Woods. They have four days to collect as many ingredients as they can while surviving on their own, which they then use to create a five-star meal.

Chef Jade Berg told Today in BC host Peter McCully that he left High River in Alta to work in Vancouver’s restaurant industry and eventually settled in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

“Having lived on the coast and Campbell River for almost eight years since 2008, I’ve never seen so much rain in a week, let alone sleeping in a sword fern bed (no sleeping bag) and all trying to figure out who you are How to do it “I cook,” Berg said. “It was the rainiest, most miserable weather I’ve ever experienced, and one night I thought, ‘What have I done to myself? ‘”

Berg talks about the foods you can find in the woods or on the beach and the uses for those ingredients, as well as some of the “wild ingredient” dishes he prepares as a personal chef.

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