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TikTok star Evan Kardon has grabbed everyone’s attention after reaching out to minors for texting. Well, we have a lot of stars from TikTok. Rise to fame by attracting millions of followers in their videos. However, Evan Caton has recently been exposed for hard-to-miss underage words and actions. But what exactly did Evan Caton do?

Read on to learn more about TikToker Evan Kardon exposing his words and actions to minors.

Who is Evan Caton?

We have a lot of people who are famous on TikTok, among them we even have Evan Kardon. Kardon is also a popular weight lifter, fitness influencer and bodybuilder. He has long shared his videos on the TikTok platform.

In fact, his popularity on TikTok has given him 750,000 followers on the app so far. Now, however, he is embroiled in a controversy that has sent him viral on the internet. Because of some of his words on social media, he was in the limelight for no reason.

Evan Kardon exposes words and actions aimed at minors

Recently, a user Mr Goob posted a video on October 5, 2022, where he tried to expose Evan Kardon. In the video, the user tries to show how Kardon tries to text and talk to a minor despite her being a 16-year-old minor.

Airlind’s decoy account still has a page for the underage girl in high school. When Mr. Goob tries to show the girl Kardon’s text. Even asked her to come to NC, his hometown. At the same time, it also shocked everyone.

@mrgoobreturns @enterkardon – disgusting. #goobu #fittok #enterkardon ♬ Soundtrack – Mr. Goob

User reactions to Evan Kardon exposing his texts to minors

Well, of course, Evan Carden’s text to the underage girl surprised everyone. As no one expected. Meanwhile, GymTok is trying to unite against Kardon’s actions. That wanted to limit Evan Kardon’s account.

This is sure to affect Evan Caton’s fan following on social media, including TikTok. Meanwhile, everyone was waiting for Caton himself to react to his exposure on the internet, which went viral.

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