Who Is NKOSINATHI PHAKATHI? Ekurhuleni ‘Monster Found Guilty Of 90 Counts Of Rape!

Despite many strict changes in penalties [email protected] And sexual assault, cases didn’t stop naming. In fact, the graphs are increasing and showing the brutality that happens to the ladies. Seriously do not understand how these cases will be named stop, how people will understand that their desires will destroy women’s lives or confidence.This [email protected] Or incidents of sexual assault have left a huge impact on people, which is indeed socially unacceptable, but still, instead of decreasing, it is increasing. One such case we were brought to this blog would give goosebumps and shock.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Who is Nkosinathi Phakathi?

Who is Nkosinathi Phakathi?

A South African men’s court found a man guilty of 90 counts on Tuesday, according to the latest shocking reports. [email protected] A man has been charged and it’s shocking [email protected] 90 girls, some of which attracted 9-year-olds. This news shocked not only the whole country, but also the whole world. He is not a man, in fact he is a beast that has destroyed the lives of many young children and traumatized them throughout their lives.

Ekurhuleni ‘Monster Nkosinathi Phakathi convicted of 90 counts of rape

The case, which was heard at the court in Palm Ridge, near Johannesburg, heard the outrageous case of how Nkosinathi Phakathi, 38, targeted schoolgirls and even forced children to watch him proceed [email protected] During a nine-year reign of extreme terror. State Prosecution Service spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana issued a statement saying: “He kidnapped his victims in the morning and evening as they were leaving or returning from educational institutions… Not only that, this terrible man also targeted some of the victims. in their own house.”

Nkosinathi Phakathi crime

The statement further added: “In order to commit a crime, he disguised himself as an electrician to inspect geysers or other household appliances, and when they were allowed to enter him, he showed his real identity and [email protected] They…” Not only that, this disgusting man, in some cases, when [email protected] More than one person at a time, the beast forced another to watch his crimes. The NPA said most of his victims were children and the youngest victim of his heinous crimes was nine and the oldest was 44.

The accused committed shameful and horrific crimes in or near Ekurhleni on the east side of Johannesburg between 2012 and 2021. Police quickly learned of the crime and took him into custody in March 2021 until he was arrested. He was trying to commit the crime, but police arrived and took him into custody.

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