– Remembrance Day in Chatham-Kent

There will be no shortage of Veterans and Remembrance Day events in Chatham Kent on Friday.

The following parades are scheduled for Friday, November 11:


Chatham Remembrance Day Parade hosted by Royal Canadian Legion Division #642 Chatham will begin Friday at 10:45am

The parade will begin at the Regiment at 39 North William Street, then head south on William Street and west on King Street West to the service at the Monument on Sixth Street. After the service, return to the Legion along the same route.

There will be another public service Friday at the John D. Bradley Center in Chatham at 2 p.m.


Blenheim’s Memorial Day Parade will be hosted by the Royal Canadian Regiment Division #185 Blenheim.

The parade begins at 10:45 a.m. from the Regiment at 34 Catherine Street and travels north on George Street to St. Mary’s Hall Street for Memorial Day services, then returns along the same route 185 Corps Division.


Bothwell’s parade will be hosted by Royal Canadian Regiment Division #252 Bothwell, starting at 10am at the Regiment location on George Street East. The parade will head west on George Street and north on Main Street to the Memorial Day Service, then follow the same route back to Corps Division 252.


The Dresden Remembrance Day Parade, hosted by the Royal Canadian Regiment Division #113 Dresden, will begin at 10am at the CK Fire Station at 185 Lindsley Street, then proceed west on Lindsley Street and arrive south at St George Street South The monument on Queen Street serves.

The parade will go west on Queen Street West, north on Center Street and east on Lindsley Street before ending at the fire station.


This year’s Memorial Day Parade in Erieau is hosted by the Royal Canadian Regiment Division #185 Blenheim.

Erieau’s parade will begin at Molly and OJ’s Restaurant on Mariners Road, then head east on Nichols Avenue north of Mariners Road and west on Ross Lane to Veterans Memorial Gardens.

After the wreath-laying ceremony, the parade will head west on Ross Lane, south on Service Road, then east on Mariner Road, ending at Molly and OJ’s Restaurant.


The Memorial Day Parade in Tilbury begins Friday at 10:30am and is hosted by the Royal Canadian Regiment Division #206 Tilbury.

The parade will begin at the Regiment at 4 Stewart Avenue, then continue west on Stewart Avenue and north on Queen Street to serve at the monument on Canal Street East.

The route will then travel south on Queen Street, east on Stewart Avenue, and finally back to the Regiment on Stewart Avenue.


Hosted by Royal Canadian Corps Division #18 Wallaceburg, Wallaceburg’s Memorial Day Parade begins at 10am at Wallaceburg District Secondary School on Lorne Avenue.The route will travel south on Lorne Avenue, east on Elgin Street and south on Lisgar Street to the monument on the corner of Dufferin Avenue and Lisgar Street in honor of Remembrance Day

After service, the route will travel north on Lisgar Street, west on Elgin Street, north on Lorne Avenue and end at Wallaceburg District Secondary School.


This year’s Memorial Day Parade in Wheatley is hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion Chapter #324 Wheatley.

The Wheatley parade will begin at Wheatley United Church on Talbot Road West, then head east on Talbot Road West to serve at the monument at 35 Talbot Road West. The parade will be reformed west on Queen’s Road and will end at Whitley United Church.


The Merlin Day Parade, hosted by RRoyal Canadian Legion Branch #465 Merlin, will begin at 10 a.m. with the Legion on Stanley Street, then head west on Stanley Street and north on Erie Street South for a wreath ceremony at Cenotaph in Kinsman Park.

The parade then heads south on Erie North Street and east on Aberdeen Street to Merlin Community Hall for Memorial Day services. The parade then continued west on Aberdeen Street, south on Erie Street South, east on Stanley Street, and ended at the Regiment.

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