City of Sarnia seeking input on municipal voting experience

The City of Sarnia is seeking input on the resident voter experience during the recent 2022 municipal elections.

They launched an online survey asking voters what they thought of the process.

City Clerk Amy Burkhart said the issues were related to satisfaction with the voting experience, voting methods chosen and opportunities for improvement.

“This survey provides an opportunity to identify any barriers that exist and improve voter satisfaction in future elections,” she said.

you can go Complete the survey.

It will run until November 23rd at 4pm

Residents can contact the City Clerk’s Office at 519-332-0330 or visit the second floor of City Hall to request a paper copy.

Meanwhile, voter turnout in Sarnia fell compared to 2018.

A total of 21,882 voters cast their ballots via the Internet or paper ballots. This represents a participation rate of 40.41% for the city’s 54,148 voters.

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