City of Windsor to drop COVID-19 vaccine mandate

The City of Windsor recently lifted a policy requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ward 9 MP Kieran McKenzie introduced a motion Wednesday night to revoke the authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine. It was quickly approved by the plenary.

“When the city set its vaccine mandate, it did so to protect workers and save lives during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Onorio Colucci, Windsor’s chief operating officer. “We are clearly in a better position now. , employees are at significantly lower risk of serious illness, so it’s time to move forward.”

The City of Windsor joined the County of Essex to implement a vaccine mandate in summer 2021. Employees have until the end of October to show proof of vaccination, proof that they have started vaccination, or show a valid waiver. More than a hundred employees have been fired for refusing to be vaccinated.

Dana Paladino, the city’s human resources director, said Windsor has been watching how others are handling the vaccine mandate.

“The City of Windsor has been monitoring best practices at all levels of government in this regard and is following recent actions by other major cities,” Paladino said in a media release.

Windsor Police and EnWin Utilities have waived vaccine authorization.

Wednesday’s city council meeting is the last of the 2018-2022 term. Outgoing Councilmen Chris Holt, Rino Bortolin and Jeewen Gill were recognized for their contributions to New York City. Gill lost to Angelo Marignani for re-election in District 7. Holt gave up his 4th District seat to run for mayor, while Bortolin chose not to run for a third term in the 3rd District.

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