Huron East reaches deal with potential cannabis operation

Mayor Huron East said the city has reached an innovative agreement with owners of potential cannabis businesses that he believes works for both the owner and the city.

“We’ve negotiated an actual setup with engineered filter type systems to try and remove anything from the air, including odors,” explained East Huron Mayor Bernie McClellan. “But if there is a problem, it also gives the municipality an opportunity to go back and fix it.”

By reaching an agreement that involves the municipality and owners working towards the same goal, McClellan explained, it avoids a confrontational situation around the executive bylaw.

“Certainly, with a lot of bylaws, the biggest concern is that when you get a notice of a bylaw violation, you send your bylaw officer and investigate. The problem is, it’s very difficult for them to do anything if there isn’t a problem at the time,” McClellan said.

McClellan added that if there were breaches that resulted in court appearances, legal systems and fines. With that said, the owners have agreed to resolve any issues that arise ahead of time, so McClellan believes it will make everyone happier.

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