IIO finds Victoria officer didn’t use excessive force in hospital shooting

B.C.’s Independent Investigative Office (IIO) has found that a Victorian police officer did not use excessive force when he shot a knife-wielding man in an incident in March 2021.

The IIO’s chief civilian director, Ronald MacDonald, concluded in his report that the use of lethal force was “necessary and reasonable” because it posed a significant risk to both police and others on the scene.

The man was shot once in the abdomen after the energy-conducting weapon failed to stop him from approaching police. The man underwent surgery and made a “significant recovery” from his injuries.

In an interview with IIO investigators after the incident, the man said he attempted suicide by police. A witness said she overheard the man say: “I want to assisted suicide.”

The incident occurred at around 5am on March 15, 2021, in the emergency room of Royal Jubilee Hospital. Two Victoria Police officers were working on another matter when they were approached by a hospital security guard who said the man, brandishing a knife, was overheard saying: “I want to kill someone or something. people.”

McDonnell said in his report that the man deliberately tried to make it appear he was intentionally hurting those around him after ignoring paramedics and police telling him to put down the knife.

The man was taken to the emergency room by ambulance earlier after saying he had ingested plutonium. About 30 minutes after arriving, he was seen holding a knife. The man ignored security when they repeatedly told him to put down his weapon.

One of the police officers went to investigate. She saw the man with the knife, pulled out the taser and called for support. A second officer approached the emergency room and drew her gun.

The man approached the mate with an upright knife and pointed at the mate. The co-pilot fired her energy-conducting weapon, but did not stop the man from approaching. A second officer then fired at the man with her gun. After being shot, the man fell to the ground and dropped the knife, which was taken from him by police.

“The arresting officer is at significant risk and the public may be at risk if (the man) escapes. Therefore, the use of force by the (second officer) is justified,” MacDonald wrote.

The release of the report was delayed until the man’s court case was completed.

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