Kelowna to have only 7 ambulances after BC Emergency Health Services cuts

Kelowna’s fleet has cut three ambulances despite increasing demand for emergency services.

BC Emergency Medical Services (BCEHS) has announced that they will reduce the number of ambulances in Kelowna by 30%, reducing the number of vehicles available to seven.

“Kelowna residents may soon see longer response times from emergency medical services,” says the B.C. Ambulance Paramedics Union

In April 2020, the provincial government increased air and ground ambulances to improve access to medical services for rural and Aboriginal communities. On October 31, 2022, BCEHS decided not to renew the contract.

That’s a big problem for British Columbia’s Premier Troy Clifford, who is the ambulance paramedic.

He explained that the decision will affect not just residents, but those living in surrounding communities such as Lake Country, West Kelowna and Peachland.

“We are fully aware of Kelowna’s growing needs and calls, and are conducting a needs analysis of Kelowna and other subways and urban centres to determine what is needed to meet current needs,” said Cindy Leong, spokeswoman for B.C. Emergency Health Services. resource.”

In addition to the reduction in ambulances, the reduction in permanent paramedic positions has also affected, Clifford said. Ambulance paramedics in Kelowna, BCAbility to recruit employees.

“It hurts the stability of our staffing, it hurts our ability to fill ambulances. The instability of these jobs doesn’t help us recruit. We know people are going to be in full-time jobs…these ambulances need ASAP Return in some form, and eventually they need to be added as permanent resources,” Clifford said.

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