Letter: Climate change cannot wait for government action

It will be interesting to see how Suker manages climate change responsibilities as the new committee takes its familiar seat and starts tackling the unfinished business. Last week’s UN COP27 meeting in Egypt highlighted the government’s failure to meet emissions targets and the threat to our planet.

However, much of the good news about climate action has not caught the attention of the major media. Solar and wind energy production is now the cheapest way to generate electricity, even compared to hydroelectricity. Innovations in the transition of industry to a green economy are leading to exponential growth in jobs and economic development.

We can no longer assume that governments will take responsibility for managing climate change, even at the local level. The failure of Sooke City Council to take key action on climate change is evidence of this.

Instead, the council postponed discussions on its climate action plan, official community plan and new building codes, and questioned the position of climate action coordinator, despite promising funding for a full-time position in 2022.

We must now take personal responsibility in our daily lives to join the transition to the new economic reality. We need to change the way we live and work. I agree that small individual changes don’t make a significant difference, but the decimals add up to make a whole.

There are many actions we can take as individuals to support the path to a healthy, equitable planet. We can no longer wait for the government to provide a just transition.

William Wallace


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