Local veteran and MP discusses Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day service is a sacred time of the year for Bruce Gray Owensound MP Alex Raff.

Raff will attend a service in Tara on Friday morning, where he said he will reflect on the soldiers he has served in the 25 years as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

“For myself, of course as a veteran and losing my soldiers in Afghanistan, that really means something. So I think all Canadians have to take the time to remember those who made the greatest sacrifices, “He says.

Raff urges residents to take a moment to remember our veterans on Friday at 11 a.m.

“Remembrance Day is very important for Canadians because many of our freedoms and the great democracy we live in are due to the ultimate sacrifices made by many people throughout history, dating back to before World War I, but obviously World War I and World War II and all the conflicts since then,” he said.

He said World War I had a huge impact on the country because nearly 10 per cent of Canadians served in uniform during that conflict.

“It made me understand how much of a contribution so many Canadians have made, how much it has contributed, and how it really touches every family,” he explained.

He added that the struggle for democracy continues as Ukrainians battle the Russian invasion.

“Ukrainians are not only fighting for their freedom and democracy, they are fighting for everyone’s freedom and democracy,” he said.

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