Multi-agency, $5M expanded services to help support London’s homeless this winter

There will be more help for the homeless in London this winter.

The city and eight homeless advocacy agencies jointly developed and launched an expanded winter response plan to help the nearly 400 homeless people living in the city through the coldest months of the year. months.

“Our shared goal has always been to ensure more support and better access to basic needs through a concerted effort, resources and approach,” said Anne Armstrong, executive director of Homeless Response Lead for Caring London. Armstrong) said. “We know that the only way we can do this is to come together and that’s how we can find a solution that will provide more support to Londoners experiencing homelessness than we did last year.”

The City is funding up to $5 million for the program, which includes more temporary housing options for couples and pets, women and non-binary individuals, and members of Indigenous communities, as well as day and night breaks and cold weather warnings such as temporary shelters Resources.

The expanded winter response also builds on services already provided by multiple London agencies, such as camp support and outreach, cultural safety, trauma-informed and harm-reduction training for outreach workers, outreach coordination to reach more people And identify resource gaps, as well as necessities such as food, water, showers, and laundry.

London Cares, Unity Project, Atlohsa Family Healing Services, Salvation Army Hope Centre, Ark Aid, Canadian Mental Health Association – Cafe, Safe Space, 519 Pursuit and the city have teamed up to create a new winter programme. It builds on last year’s response to new overnight accommodation spaces and two temporary shelters in the city centre – one at Fanshawe Golf Course and the other on the grounds of St Joseph’s Parkwood College.

“Most importantly, there is no doubt that this project will save lives,” said Mayor-elect Josh Morgan. “In addition to this, I hope this effort also sends out their important clear message to those experiencing homelessness. The unprecedented nature of this program and the empathy and commitment of the many individuals who have contributed to its design and upcoming implementation All reflect that.”

Exact details about opening up additional indoor space for the homeless have yet to be released. But the agencies did say an additional 56 locations would be open to keep people warm during the cold weather warning.

Work is expected to begin immediately to ensure temporary shelters and shelters are ready for winter.

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