Ontario investing $86.6 Billion in transportation infrastructure

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has pledged that the Ontario government will spare no effort to build much-needed infrastructure to meet the needs of the growing province.

“Our government will invest $86.6 billion over the next decade to build transportation infrastructure across Ontario,” he said.

His government plans to spend more than $761 million to expand highways and bridges in the province, and more than $1.5 billion on rehabilitation projects. Ford stopped in Bradford on Wednesday to mark the start of construction on a new bridge spanning the future Bradford Bypass.

“This includes not only the Bradford Bypass, but Highway 413 as more than 300,000 daily commuters endure traffic congestion in the York, Peel and Halton areas right now,” Ford said.

“The traffic jams make life even harder for Ontario businesses and farmers who rely on a strong highway network to get their goods to market quickly,” said Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney. “This important milestone brings us one step closer to building the Bradford Bypass, boosting economic productivity and eliminating the gridlock that is hurting us all.”

“In April 2022, Brennan Paving & Construction Ltd. was awarded the contract to design and build the new bridge, which will allow Simcoe County Route 4 (Yonge Street) to cross the future fabric between Routes 8 and 9 Radford Bypass. This project will also include the expansion of County Road 4 from 2 lanes to 4 lanes,” the province said.

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