St. Andrews Church to mark Remembrance Day with weekend concert

The United Church of St Andrews will mark this year’s Memorial Day with a series of songs at a concert on Saturday night.

Directed by St Andrew’s Music Director Devin Hansen, the concert will feature World War I and World War II music and celebrate John McRae’s 150th birthday.

McRae was a Canadian soldier, surgeon and poet best known for his famous war memorial poem “The Fields of Flanders”, which symbolized the sacrifice of all those who fought in World War I.

“Music during the war was exploited in various ways,” said spokeswoman Marie Alice Marchand. “Through song, soldiers brought a part of their heritage from their homeland that symbolized their culture. Music is a method
Coping with the trauma and stress of war on those at home and on the battlefield. “

The evening will feature performances from St. Andrew’s Chancel Choir, the CKSS School Choir conducted by Christine Baribeau, the Brass Quintet and several singers including Colin Bell Aimee Clifford, Andrew Derynck, Victoria Hoshowsky, Victoria Kimmerly and Mikayla Lozon music.

Vocal group Dulce Jubilo will also contribute to the program.

“It’s the 10th anniversary season at 7 on Saturday,” Marchand said. “The music of this show will provide audiences with an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom and democracy.”

The concert will begin at 7pm on Saturday 12th November at St Andrews Church on William Street, Chatham.

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