Tim Hortons brand soup base recalled for containing insects

A Tim Hortons brand chicken noodle soup base in Alberta and southwestern Ontario has been recalled for containing insects.

In an emailed statement, Tim Hortons said Thursday that the recall will not affect canned soups sold in grocery stores, only soup bases made and sold to several isolated restaurants. It said no disease had been reported.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said the recalled products were available for purchase in these provinces until October 20, inclusive.

The agency said each unit of the soup base, weighing 3.54kg, was sold to hotels, restaurants and institutions.

Tim Hortons said the incident only affected a few isolated Tim Hortons restaurants, but the company voluntarily asked all restaurateurs who received products from relevant suppliers to dispose of their products.

The company said the affected batches were removed from restaurants, destroyed and replaced with new products from another supplier.

Tim Hortons said chicken noodle soup bases in other provinces, as well as canned Tim Hortons soup sold in grocery stores, were made by another supplier and were not affected.

This recall involves products with a shelf life between March 13, 2023 and April 30, 2023.

CFIA does not use, sell, service or distribute this product.

Tim Hortons said it was investigating the issue and believed that relatively few guests were affected, but added that it will only restart production with the manufacturer if it is confident the issue will not recur.

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