Triple Stabbing At Train Station In North West London Video Viral, Who Is The Suspect? Arrested Or Not?

A terrible thing happened at the train station. There has been an increase in robberies and stabbings over the past few years, most of which have been recorded on camera. This time, a case emerged online in which three people were stabbed in a rush hour altercation, and then police detained two men. The incident took place on the evening of Wednesday, November 9, 2022. Doctors were at the scene as soon as the incident was reported and they learned that three people had been injured in a knife-wielding brawl at Harrow on Hill station in North West London.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

    Video of three stabbed at North West London train station

Three taken to hospital after being stabbed at train station in north west London

The report states that after 5:00pm there were three stabbings near Harrow. Police were restrained after arriving at the train station as officers investigated the rush hour knife attack. During the peak commute period, many people were present, and those who had watched the horror scenes said that a spat began to occur between the young men, and some people watched waving machetes. Three men were found with stab wounds, and police rushed two of them to hospital immediately.

Who are the victims?

However, the victim’s condition was interpreted by police as non-life threatening and in stable condition. Police did not share the exact circumstances. Police did not disclose the identity of the victim. Officials allege that two underage men and a minor were in custody at the crime scene. Not only the victims, but the details of the perpetrators have yet to come out, and their names remain unknown.

Video of three stabbed at North West London train station

A Metropolitan Police mouthpiece said: “Police attended the meeting with the London Ambulance Service (LAS) medical team. Two men were detained at the time of the incident with minor injuries. They are currently in custody and we are questioning They.” The train station was restricted when police introduced detectors to the rush hour knife attack.

People could be in for some trouble as Chiltern Railways said there were no trains running as it investigated the deadly attack. A police mouthpiece confirmed this, saying: “As police are investigating the case, there has been an incident at Harrow-On-The-Hill so only a few trains will be running on the line.” So far, we have only So much information, but as soon as there are new developments, we’ll add them here. And humbly ask not to carry sharp weapons before entering public areas, try to avoid quarrels.

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