What Was Naomi Kuria’s Father Cause Of Death? How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary News!

It’s always sad to hear from someone, but when it’s about someone’s father. It makes us sad, like a tragedy we don’t want to accept. People were crying after hearing the news of the death of the father of famous Kenyan comedian Naomi Kuria, and even the comedian was devastated by the death of his father. In tribute to her father, heartbroken daughter wrote tirade for him about the change her late father brought to her life.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Cause of death of Naomi Kuria's father

Cause of death of Naomi Kuria’s father

Now people are wondering why her father died, there are many who hear the name Naomi Kuria for the first time and want to know about her. Naomi Kuria is a well-known Kenyan actress and comedian with a huge following on social media and in the real world. People absolutely love her sense of humor and they love watching her on screen. Naomi has been working in Kenyan media for almost 2 years and she has faced many challenges and successes so far.

Who is Naomi Curia’s father?

In order to get to where she is now, she has put in a lot of hard work. She came from a poor background and worked odd jobs to make ends meet before she decided to pursue her passion and give her a career in acting and comedy. After that, she created her own social media accounts and appeared on Youtube. She has collaborated with many popular content producers such as Auntie Jemimah and DJ Shiti. These artists helped her find stability and a good career.

Naomi Kuria’s father: Wikipedia and Bio

It has now been 2 years, and she has achieved good results in both the comedy field and the acting field. There is no doubt that she has also created wealth and career for herself. Now, as she’s making a name for herself in the industry, she’s looking for paid collaborations and paid gigs from Sinema Za DJ Shiti and Auntie Jemimah. She wrote a note that read: “Last month, Sunday, October 9, 2022, when I went to visit or see my father after so much talk, I was feeling down.

So, I decided to meet him. Since September 24, 2022, I started experiencing panic attacks and anxiety without knowing it was happening to me. She said she decided to kill herself while her father was there and supported her throughout this difficult time. Now, after her father’s death, she is feeling down and sad. Before he died, she said, he was in hospital. What happened to him is unknown.

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