Who Is PAUL HILTON Facebook Suicide Live Stream Video, Why Did He Committ Suicide? Reason!

Hello readers welcome back to our article in this article where we will provide you with some live updates on the very shocking events that are about to take place we know you are all eager to know the whole situation so video on social media platforms Related to a guy named Paul David Hilton, this particular video is being streamed live on Facebook because it’s a suicide video talking about his age, so he’s 34 years old, except for this father of 4. . Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Paul Hilton Facebook suicide video

Paul Hilton Facebook suicide video

So when this video came out, people watched this particular video in which he was taking his own life and it was very shocking and horrific, so he was found hanging in his own place where he used to live in Bolton, this year He took his own life by himself while trying to kill himself by putting his camera in front of a table and was caught on a cell phone, but this particular news is getting a lot of attention these days.

Paul Hilton Suicide Live Video

Many of his and friends were watching the particular livestream as it was a very scary time for everyone, but after watching this particular livestream, one of his friends contacted emergency services , he told them everything about the specific department paramedics were at their location on Tennis Street within six minutes and made a call on April 30, they were there at 7 a.m. and the live broadcast continued with an ever-increasing audience.

Friends watch Paul Hilton livestream his suicide on Facebook

Even after so many attempts and arriving on time, Mr Hilton is currently pronounced dead, but after investigating the entire case and circumstances, it was found that he was a man with mental health problems and, in addition to that, he was accustomed to having Alcohol and drugs that’s why he tried to kill himself, he did it on purpose, and he documented himself as well.

Mental illness and problems are no longer a joke, as this case clearly shows that the person can even commit suicide on purpose. In 2012, Mr. Hilton was diagnosed with anti-representation, he was also diagnosed with paranoia, which was basically related to the use of illegal drugs and cocaine, especially the number of times he had taken such drugs in unlimited quantities and this is what he cause of deteriorating health.

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