Who Is Ravindra Jadeja’s Wife Rivaba Jadeja? She Gets BJP Ticket From Jamnagar Seat, BJP Candidate Full List!

Mostly we hear about actors turned politicians, but this time the wife of an Indian cricketer turned politician. The news has now spread as indirect or direct cricketers will also be seen as supporting the party. Since the news, people have wondered which cricketer’s wife is running and from which party. The choice was decided ahead of next month’s Gujarat state assembly elections.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Who is Ravindra Jadeja's wife Rivaba Jadeja?

Who is Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba Jadeja?

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) revealed its preliminary list of candidates. Rivaba Jadeja, wife of popular cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, is reportedly running as a candidate for the BJP’s Jamnagar (North) parliamentary seat. Jadeja’s announcement comes as the party that has ruled Gujarat for nearly three years is battling anti-incumbency sentiment in the state.

Ravindra Jadeja’s wife Rivaba Jadeja gets BJP tickets from Jamnagar Seat

According to sources, she will be chosen for Jamnagar’s seat to replace Dharmendrasinh Jadeja, the Legislative Assembly member, as he did not get party votes for the election this time. On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the MLA also disclosed the Gujarat High Court’s criticism of his “participation in mob violence and riots in 2007”. At the hearing, the court rejected an appeal to drop the charges against him and others. HC mentioned that the national government tried to save him under the pretext of the greater public interest.

Who is Rivaba Jadeja?

But in any case, we will not leave him, remember not to pay any price. Many MLAs, including former cabinet ministers Bhupendrasinh Chudasama, Vijay Rupani and Nitin Patel, have decided to remove their names from the list of elected candidates for the party meeting’s election committee on Wednesday. The meeting was chaired by India’s current prime minister, Narendra Modi. Now, people want to know about Rivaba Jadeja as soon as they hear the name of Cricket’s wife.

If you also want to know the same, then you don’t need to go anywhere, you will get all the details related to this news. Rivaba, 32, became a party member in 2011. Other than that, she’s the niece of MP Hari Singh Solanki, but the field isn’t new to her, and it looks like she’ll nail it. Ravindra Jadeja’s sister-in-law, Naynaba Jadeja, is a key member of Congress. In 2019, she also joined the party, let’s see what happens next.

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