Bear activity closes Cyprus Lake Campground

Cyprus Lake Campground and Yurts are closed for bears.

In a statement released Thursday, Parks Canada explained that the recent increase in bear activity has prompted closures including the Tamarack campground and yurt accommodation until Nov. 25.

The safety of humans and wildlife is paramount to Parks Canada and the closure is to reduce the risk of human-wildlife conflict, officials said in the statement.

It will eliminate “food attractants” from campgrounds to reduce the risk of bears delaying their natural hibernation cycle, which is critical to the survival of black bears.

All reservations at Cyprus Lake Campground affected by the November 8-November 25 closure will be automatically cancelled and a full refund will be issued.

Reservation holders will be notified of the closure by email, and Parks Canada staff will be contacted by phone.

“Black bears, or M’kwa in Ojibway, are culturally and ecologically important animals on the Sorkinbrus Peninsula,” the statement said. “We appreciate your patience and understanding in ensuring their safety and health. We look forward to Visitors will be welcomed back to the campsite again in the near future.”

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