– Remembrance Day in Windsor

Hundreds of people gathered at the Windsor Memorial on Friday to pay tribute to Canadian veterans.

The veterans who served in World War II and celebrated their 100th birthday this year, including Charles Davis of Windsor, attended the meeting along with government officials, members of the Windsor Police Department and students.

Windsor Veterans Memorial Services Committee chairman Paul Lauzon said he was delighted to see so many people coming to the memorial this year, especially students.

“They’re the future, they’re the people who want to move on and be here when we’re long gone,” Lawson said. “Those who attended showed they knew freedom wasn’t free, and they thanked our veterans and all they’ve gone through.”

The guest speaker for this year’s service is Honorary Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Paul Bradford. Bradford worked in Bosnia and is currently an emergency room physician at Windsor Regional Hospital. He talked about the need to honor the sacrifices made by our veterans.

“Democracy and freedoms are threatened in many countries, and Canada is being pulled in. Many have sacrificed in the past for service so that the freedoms we enjoy today are preserved. There are many things we hold dear, and it’s important that we don’t view that freedom as Take it for granted,” Dr Bradford said.

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