County receives funding for paramedicine program

Paramedic Services in Huron County has received some one-time funding from the province for its community paramedic program.

Emergency services director Jeff Horseman said the program was called Home Intensive Support.

“As such, it allows our community caregivers to go to clients who need help managing chronic disease or COVID treatment and COVID and flu vaccinations, phlebotomy, blood draws and palliative care if needed,” Horseman said.

Horseman added that funding comes from the Ontario Health Authority to allow people to receive treatment at home.

“The overall goal is to treat people and keep them in their homes for as long as possible, so we’re working to reduce emergency room visits, prevent people from going into alternative care beds in hospitals, or even into long-term care if they do. Not required,” he said.

Horseman said the $399,000 funding enables them to have two full-time community care workers and pay them to provide services for a year. Horseman said the province is looking at other funding options, and he believes they may get the same or similar funding again next year.

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