Court dismisses forgery case, awards N15m cost against Okon –

The Federal High Court in Uyo has dismissed Akwa Ibom PDP Governor Candidate Mr. Akan Okon against PDP 2023 Election Governor Candidate Umo Eno Rev. Umo Eno’s falsified WAEC certificate for lack of merit.

Judge Agatha Okeke, delivering judgment at around 6.30pm on Thursday, dismissed the case for lack of merit and awarded Mr Okon costs of N15 million in support of the accused Reverend Umo Eno, PDP and INEC.

The court held that all of the plaintiff’s claims were based on assumptions and speculations.

The Tribune reported that tensions were palpable when the presiding judge, Judge Agatha Okeke, appeared, and the courtroom was packed, with all legal leaders on both sides of the legal battle present, waiting for all important judgment.

The three Attorneys General of Akwa Ibom State, including the current Uko Udom, SAN, Assam Assam, SAN and Uwemedimo Nwoko, SAN. Paul Usoro, SAN, Essien Udom, SAN, Emmanel Inoidem ESQ and several others attended the court to witness the truth of the WAEC certificate issue.

Paul Usoro, SAN, Offiong Offiong, SAN, Essien Udom, SAN, Uwemedimo Nwoko, SAN Leader Barr Emmanuel Enoidem, Barr Goddy Umo, Utibe Nwoko, Et Al on behalf of PDP and Pastor Umo Eno.

Documents provided by Akan Okon as the academic record of Umo Eno priest at Uyo University. The court found that there were no certified true copies of these documents required by section 84 of the Evidence Act, and that there was no requirement for the producers to authenticate these documents. The documents were subsequently thrown away by the court.

The court upheld the plaintiff’s argument and ruled that it had jurisdiction to accept the case. The applications of the first and second defendants to challenge their jurisdiction were rejected.

Court rejects forensic case filed by Akan Okon’s forensic expert

The court said Akan O’Connell’s witness was a forensic expert who claimed to have conducted a forensic examination but failed to prove the authenticity of the photos.

The court ruled that the process of manipulating and sending the photos to forensic experts lacked underlying evidence and was dismissed.

Regarding the documents submitted by Akan Okon as the academic records of Pastor Umo Eno at Uyo University. The court held that there were no true copies of the documents required by Section 84 of the Evidence Act, nor was the producer required to authenticate the documents. The documents were subsequently dismissed by the court.

The court dismissed Akan Okon’s allegation that Pastor Umo Eno’s age was falsified and found that Pastor Umo Eno’s age complied with the constitutional requirements for Nigeria’s gubernatorial election.

The court took issue with Plantiff, Akan Okon, for relying on a congratulatory message published in a newspaper by a so-called third party to suggest that Pastor Umo Eno had falsified his age.

The court ruled that Umo Eno’s WAEC certificate was authentic and evidence in support of WAEC.

In delivering its judgment, the court dismissed Akan Okon’s forged certificate case against Pastor Umo Eno for lack of merit and directed Akan Okon to pay damages to Pastor Umo Eno and other defendants N15m for their flimsy charges.

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