Esquimalt Remembrance Day ceremony returning to Memorial Park

The Memorial Day Parade in Esquimalt begins at 10am at Tudor House on Admirals and Esquimalt Roads and ends at Cenotaph in Memorial Park at noon. (Black news media file photo)

Esquimalt Remembrance Day Ceremony Returns to Memorial Park

Ceremony, parade held from 10 a.m. to noon

The 172nd Division of the Royal Canadian Regiment is hosting another Remembrance Day ceremony and parade in Esquimalt today at 10am.

The parade will begin at Tudor House on Admirals and Esquimalt Roads and end at the monument in Memorial Park at 1200 Esquimalt Rd.

Members of the Royal Canadian Navy, Cadets, Royal Canadian Regiment, Boy Scouts of Canada and Royal New Zealand Navy will also be in attendance.

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Canadian Armed Forces Day Esquimalt Town Veterans

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