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India was very upset after losing a cricket match in the semi-finals. Not only the cricketers, the whole country and all Indians are very sad. They were excited at first, shared a lot of jokes and memes, we were confident in winning, but after losing, their happiness and confidence were ruined. The grief of losing a semifinal is the only thing a person can relate to.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

India loses semi-final WC

India loses semi-final WC Jokes & Trolls

India’s star batsman Virat Kohli gave his first reaction after the loss to England in the ongoing T20 World Cup in Australia. India’s dream of winning the T20 World Cup after 2007 will now take longer, and the dream of seeing itself as the winner of the 2022 T20 World Cup is now shattered into many pieces.Indian batsman shares his grief using his Twitter account

Disappointed and wrote: “We left Australian shores without winning our dreams, we have a lot of disappointment in our hearts, but we hope to do better in the future, so far we have only had memorable moments as a team and goals to do better in the future. Well, take that as a lesson. Right now, this news is one of the hottest, and members haven’t lost any chance of using it to make memes.

India loses semi-final WC memes and HD pics

India loses semi-final WC memeIndia loses semi-final WC meme

After dropping 10 wickets from the match, several were making memes and sharing them with each other. On every social media platform, only this news is trending. Not only on Instagram or Twitter, people also use funny jokes and memes as their WhatsApp status. The match took place in Adelaide on Thursday 10 November 2022, and Alex Hayles won the ‘Player of the Match’ title with a stunning batting (47 86) in the chase.

India lose semi-final WC jokeIndia lose semi-final WC joke

India Lose Semi Final WC Whatsapp Status and Video

Fans’ reaction to England’s loss

Cricket fans are amused by the encounter between England and India in Adelaide. People have expressed their reactions and sadness after sharing memes with each other on the social media platform. Videos of many Indian players were widely shared claiming that Indian players apologised for their poor performance after losing the semi-finals. One user shared a meme that read “Starting in India. We should do 250+ runs in 50 rounds.”

India loses semi-finals to WC trollsIndia loses semi-finals to WC trolls
India lose semi-final WC picturesIndia lose semi-final WC pictures

Another user wrote: “Hi Babar? Yay didn’t see the world in the end? #INDvsENG

Not only social media users, but many celebrities share their reactions after losing and express their disappointment in funny ways. Actor Jay Bhanushali shared his video of how India lost the game on his social media accounts. In the video, he can be seen blaming India’s “cricket culture” heritage on having only good bowlers and good bowlers. On the IG reel, he can be seen saying: “In India, the number of bowlers is always lower because of the tradition of running away from home after a fight since childhood. We share the meme string in this blog, so don’t forget View and share with your friends, family and loved ones.

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