Paul David Hilton Video, 34 Years Old Dad Live Stream Suicide Video On Facebook & Leaves Everyone Scandalized!

There is a new trend of people committing suicide through live streaming. As a result, their death scenes have been videotaped and made available online. One such video surfaced in which a father of four took his own life, and not only that, but he even live-streamed his suicide, and people are now shocked to see it. For many of us, it was ugly, made us feel relieved, and felt bad for our families. Now, this is the case for suicide, and one wonders why a father decides to end his life without regard for his family.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! ! ! !

Paul David Hilton Video

Paul David Hilton Video

A much-loved father of four, from Bolton, recently streamed his own death on his social media accounts (Facebook) to scare his friends, according to new reports. The deceased, identified as 34-year-old Paul David Hilton, was found dead at his Bolton residence in April 2022. This huge move by David left his family completely devastated, unable to understand what to do now. Not only the family, but anyone who heard the news would get goosebumps.

Who is Paul David Hilton?

The family of the deceased said they “will miss him terribly”. Shortly before taking his own life, David opened his Facebook account and broadcast live, locating his phone to record what was going on. The inquest into his death heard some friends were watching live as the horrific and sad event was revealed.A guy who joined his live first thought it might be a fun or interesting thing, but as the video progressed

Why did Paul David Hilton commit suicide?reason

He knew it wasn’t funny at all, and he immediately notified emergency services. Paramedics and police rushed to Mr Hilton’s home immediately after receiving a call from witnesses. His home was on Tennis Street in the Halliwell area and paramedics arrived within six minutes. They received the call after 7:00am on April 30, 2022. But unfortunately, they were not able to get in touch on time, so there was a delay of a few minutes.

Paul David Hilton: Family, Funerals and Obituaries

Police forced their way into his locked home. At 7.18am, police pronounced David dead because he was about eight minutes late. The case has gone to court, where coroner Timothy Brennand ruled that Mr Hilton had long-standing mental health problems and alcohol and drug abuse. Video of the entire scene went viral, with people watching over and over and offering condolences to his family. This news is traumatic for anyone, and ugly.

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