PHOTOS: Belmont students collect food donations for Goldstream Food Bank

Belmont Middle School leadership students are once again doing their part to help end hunger in the West Bank by collecting food for the Goldstream Food Bank as part of the school’s fall food drive.

Just over a week after collecting food in class, students of all grades camped in front of the school on Thursday (November 10) with the aim of collecting more food for those in need.

“It’s a food drive that’s usually organised under 10,000 people tonight, which is what Royal Bay (Secondary) and Belmont do, but we found it was a bit too much for one lap and the food was being distributed at the same time, so we thought it was best to have a different Time to serve food so that the food bank is available year-round,” says Year 12 student Sophia Benables.

“We’re still targeting 10,000, but we’re targeting 5,000 because another school will be picking up food later in December. The point is that food is very important to the community and coming out of COVID, a lot of people are still Struggling, so being able to provide that is important to all of us.”

Throughout the evening, a large group of student volunteers helped sort donated food by type and expiration date, saving the food bank some work as cars parked in front of the school’s main entrance to deliver more and more items.

“I love helping people in need, and it’s great to be involved in activities that help the community like this,” said 9th grader Jess Keep.

While students will only be able to collect food at school until 7pm on Thursdays, Goldstream Food Bank accepts donations directly as well as cash donations via

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Belmont Middle School Donates Food Bank West Bank

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