Skyline changes as new apartment on Afton Drive takes shape

Crews building new apartments in Sarnia have been working hard to get the project ready for winter.

Lauren Pomerleau, vice president of growth and external affairs for the Vensuris Group of Companies, said there had been a lot of activity at the Afton Drive site on the southeast corner of the London Road shopping centre over the past few months.

“All six floors have been built and the roof is being put on and sealed,” Pomeroy said. “There’s an exterior vapor coat now being applied to seal and waterproof the exterior jacket, which basically puts us in a great position to continue to spend the winter inside, build the suite and build everything inside.”

The building will be called “The Addison” and will include 70 one- and two-bedroom units.

“Our schedules and priorities have fluctuated. We are now looking at launching our model kit and starting our pre-leasing process in early 2023 with occupancy in late spring. This is a little bit of a change from before. Now , we’re focused on bringing all the units to market at the same time, rather than moving people floor by floor.”

Pomerleau said the decision would minimize disruption to future tenants and allow workers to continue to move at the speed they are moving.

“We have about 150 people on our current waiting list. We just released the fact that we will be opening model kits in January or February, and we are very excited about that. It will give people the opportunity to come in and really see what the building is The look and feel, that’s going to be the start of our pre-leasing.”

Pomerleau said they were interested in accommodating long-term renters.

“This building is best for young professionals or retirees, anyone looking to downsize and live in a super convenient area with all amenities within walking distance.”

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