Travel advisory on Highway 97 between Cache Creek and Clinton area

The travel advisory is valid for 36.2 kilometers of Highway 97 north of Cache Creek between Hills Frontage Road and Big Bar Road. (Image credit: Google Maps)

Travel Advice on Hwy 97 between Cache Creek and the Clinton area

Drivers are advised to avoid areas due to icy and extremely slippery conditions

The Department of Transportation has issued a travel advisory for Route 97, which runs 36.2 kilometers between Cache Creek and Big Bar Road, north of Clinton.

Travel advice is for the section of Highway 97 (Cariboo Highway) between Hills Frontage Road (12 km north of Cache Creek) and Big Bar Road (7 km north of Clinton), which is extremely wet due to dense ice Slippery, especially around Maiden Creek Mountain.

Crews were sanding the area and using motor graders to try and restore good winter driving conditions in the area, but the temperature was too cold for chemical treatments such as salt to be effective.

Temperatures are expected to rise in the area over the next few days and a chemical treatment will take place. Until then, however, we encourage drivers to avoid the area and/or consider alternative routes.

Updates will be posted to As highway conditions change.

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