VIDEO: Protester interrupts Remembrance Day ceremony in Victoria

When hundreds of people gathered outside the B.C. Legislature on Friday (November 11) for what appears to be the largest Memorial Day ceremony since the pandemic, police had to respond quickly after a loud protester The observers tried to interrupt the somber activity.

The man, wearing sweatpants, sweatpants and a black baseball cap — and apparently without a poppy pinned to his jacket — managed to reach the monument area minutes before 11:11 a.m. — At that time hundreds of thousands of people stop every year to honor those who served in past wars.

Protesters screamed into the crowd, calling on those gathered to “shut down their governments” and for Canada to withdraw from NATO.

He went on to criticize how the Canadian government and military have responded to various global conflicts, including the war in Ukraine, the Israeli-Palestinian war and the war in Africa.

Two police officers caught the man and escorted him out of the area.

Mayor Marianne Aalto said that while everyone has the right to protest, “I do think there are places where it might be more appropriate to protest.”

“I don’t think today is that day,” she continued.

Victoria News has contacted police for more details.

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