Security forces allegedly uncover plot to launch media campaign against judiciary over trial of Nnamdi Kanu –

The ongoing trial of banned Indigenous Peoples of Biafran (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu has taken a new turn as state security forces have reportedly uncovered a new conspiracy against the judiciary, especially the judges handling the trial Negative media campaigning the federal government hit him with felony treason.

Just as a close relative of the detained IPOB leader who visited him recently revealed that Kanu was poised to overhaul his legal team, realizing that a series of unprofessional dealings had been hidden from him for a long time, making the They can’t speak in unison about him

A senior security source in Abuja told Tribune Online that the promoters of the banned IPOB have activated all the necessary machinery to launch a new negative media campaign against the judiciary, especially those handling the trials of its leaders. Judge

“Such activity will come in the form of sponsored interviews, opinion pieces, paid advertisements, TV talks, fake documentaries and more,” the source said.

“Their sole purpose is to blackmail the judge into withdrawing from continuing the matter and to create a false impression among the public and the international community that the Federal Government of Nigeria does not have sufficient grounds to try IPOB leaders

The IPOB leader is said to have gotten wind of the conspiracy through a close relationship who recently visited him at a DSS State Service facility, during which time the IPOB leader reportedly hinted at his plans to overhaul his legal team and strengthen his expedited trials

According to family sources, “Mazi Kanu is currently unhappy with the recent and uncoordinated manner in which members of his legal team have handled his case, citing cases of public flouting of directives where they would come back later to plead for forgiveness and then will give one or another excuse for behaving in this way

“On the face of it, he’s going to overhaul the legal team, as he’s also hinting that they no longer see eye to eye on his issues, and that the purpose of the job is not for him to continue

“For me, I’m not against his plans because he knows best what’s good for him and what we can do is encourage him all the time and that’s what those of us who are close to him do.”

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Security forces launch media campaign against judiciary over trial of IPOB leader Mazi Kanu

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