Sting lose to Spirit in overtime

Sagnastin lost 4-3 to the Saginaw Spirit on Friday night.

The Saginaw Spirits scored twice late in the third quarter to seal the victory at the Progressive Auto Sales Arena in Sarnia.

“It’s disappointing,” head coach Alan Letang said. “I think we deserved those two points. We played well at times.”

The 8-6-2-1 Sting fell for the second time in a row, two points behind second-placed Spirit (10-6-1-0) in the Ontario Hockey League Western Division.

The Sting’s Sandy Vermanis scored with 10.1 seconds left in the third quarter to force overtime.

Ethan Ritchie scored the other two goals for the Sting, who made it 2-1 with less than seven minutes left.

“We still have something to learn about how to win and what it takes to win,” he said. “We need a shot here or a block there. Maybe we need a goal that comes off someone’s back or someone’s face or someone’s head, but you have to be willing to go to those areas and do those things to win victory.”

Sting’s OHL goals leader Nolan Burke served in the final game of his two-game suspension.Sting returns Sunday as he travels to Guelph to visit Storm – CHOK coverage (1070AM/FM 103.9) from 3:30PM

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